About Jobs Defined

Jobs Defined is a database of job descriptions for those who are wanting to understand what it's actually like to work in that job role.

When applying for a new role, we often have a vague outline of the role written by the HR team. However, this outline is usually filled with the exciting aspects, and is mainly used to persuade you to apply. At Jobs Defined, we aim to provide a database of job descriptions detailing the average day, the positives and the negatives of working in that role by asking those who are currently, or have previously, worked in that position.

The idea of Jobs Defined occurred when I was offered a role as a Quality Assurance Engineer. After hours of research, I thought I had a good understanding of what the role would involve. However, I did not... After working in that role for half a year, it was obvious that the reality of what was involved in the role and my understanding of the role was vastly different as the descriptions I read only included the good aspects of the role.

I believe that with the help of the community, we will be able to compile a list of job descriptions outlining the real aspects of each role. Which in turn, will help those looking to start their career, ensuring they are aware of what their dream job actually involves.

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